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Somnus and Seb’s luxurious handcrafted woollen felts are inspired by a love of well deserved comforts. Our products endeavour to capture the essence of the quiet moments that follow periods of hard work: a cup of tea after a rainy morning’s digging in the garden, sitting in a cosy chair with a book after a day spent in front of a computer screen, a home cooked meal after a hectic commute, the calm of a house just after the kids have been put to bed.

Our products are all made by us at our kitchen table atelier. We take our time and produce in small quantities. We enjoy the process of watching our felts take form, of discussing new designs, the softness of wool and the brightness of its colours. We sell in places where we can have the pleasure of interacting with our customers: on Etsy, in shop shares, and in at local markets. Its not a business formula for world domination, but sometimes in life you need to sit back for a moment and relax.

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